Andrew Freedman.
World’s first ‘Cannabis Czar’.

Wrote and implemented the regulatory legalization framework in Colorado, 2014-2017.

Colorado's Marijuana Czar: "We're Making The Plane As We Fly It"

As Colorado's first director of marijuana coordination, Andrew Freedman navigates challenges that are both complex and

Fast Company: 100 Most Creative People in Business

Featured on 60 Minutes, NBC Nightly News, The Today Show, The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, Governing Magazine, and dozens more nationally and internationally.

Men's Health Magazine: 30 legends of health from the last 30 years.

Andrew holds a J.D. from Harvard Law School.

Andrew has advised every major government to legalize cannabis

Andrew has written and advised on each city, state and country’s unique regulatory framework.

Andrew led regulation or advised statute creation for:

Jason Freedman
2x Founder and Investor

Founded and exited FlightCaster and 42Floors.  
Invested $M across dozens of now brand name startups

"Part of the reason I and many others are pulling for Freedman is that he's so nice. He is genuinely the menschiest guy we've ever funded"

Paul Graham,

Founder of Y Combinator

Serial Entrepreneur
and Active Investor

Founder and CEO of 42Floors (acq by Knotel)  FlightCaster (acq by Next Jump).  Backed by NEA, Bessemer, Thrive, A16Z, Initialized, Y Combinator, SV Angel, Founders Collective, Box Group.

Angel Investor, Advisor, and VC with $30M invested including cannabis companies such as Nabis, Canix, Sannetek Labs, Sorting Robotics as well as other top-tier startups including Sonder, B8ta, Bellabeat, Brilliant, Snapdocs, Fieldwire, Mighty Homes, HelloOffice, Interviewed (acq by Indeed), Standard Treasury (acq by SVB)

2x Y Combinator.  BA from Duke and MBA from Dartmouth

Vibhu Norby ,
CEO of B8ta

Jason has been an investor for b8ta and a mentor for me personally. He's always thinking about what's best for our company, but perfectly strikes the balance of looking out for the team and founders as well. He knows everyone and can you get anywhere. He sees the future 6 months before everyone else. He's been a crucial part of b8ta's story.

Sandro Mur,
CEO of Bellabeat

Jason is absolutely amazing in guiding us through fundraising, product planning, hiring, and operations. He is willing to spare time from his busy schedule and really dig deeper into challenges during difficult times.

Yury Lifhshits, 
CEO of Openland 

 From our current 30 investors, Jason has been the most helpful. He's always available, gives very sharp advice, and is brutally honest with his feedback. For every critical decision we need to make, Jason has seen multiple similar situations and was able to give us actionable and informed advice. Along with tactical help, Jason is our main cheerleader and the provider of moral support.